Woman’s Journey; As a Home Maker A Happy Home Maker Makes A Happy Home!!!

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Woman’s Journey; As a Home Maker A Happy Home Maker Makes A Happy Home!!!

Posted on Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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‘Homemaker’ and ‘Housewife’ both words refer to the same character, but if we spell out the usage of these words, there is a lot of diversity. Firstly, there’s the difference between house and home. People change houses, but your home is your home. A ‘Homemaker’ or ‘Housewife’ is the one who creates a home. A house is just a structure of bricks, stones and concrete. It includes social, cultural and emotional aspects. A woman, who converts house into a home, is a ‘Homemaker’ and not only a ‘Housewife’.

Since ancient times, thinking of the society is that men as the main “bread earners” in families. This means they worked for earning money to pay for food, while the women have to do house work i.e. up bring the children, prepared food, cleaned the home and take care of the daily chores etc. It was seen as the job of a woman to be a “housewife”.

In present scenario, there are still many customs about the jobs that women’s should do. Even at this time, when women have good educations. They are able to earn money like the men usually do. Nowadays, in many families where both husband and wife work, both partners contribute in the housework and also in caring for the children.

In some families, there is still a traditional inspiration that housework is the job of the wife or she must stay at home in some situations and play an important role in the family. She handles all the household work which includes cooking, cleaning, organizing the home, shopping grocery, clothes and other family needs, caring for children’s health, education, home works, playing with children, caring for elders, entertaining guests, planning for guests and holidays/celebrations, preparing a budget, discovering ways to use the household’s financial planning, making bill payments, caring pets & gardening etc. Every day her work starts by morning and continues till late night. She works for 365 days selflessly without any salary or break or credit.

The husband could be the prime earner and contributor, but the woman who stays home is the main contributor of the emotional care and happy environment of the home. She’s the one to encourage in her children the values and base that creates a healthy, balance minded child for future. There is much more to be understood for homemaker who is able make her dreams come true with support of the family, raising kids, clean, cook and still put on a cheerful face and love what she are doing all by the side of the routine.

At present, ‘House Wife’ has a specific status ‘Home Maker’ because of her devotion and noble works for home. Many ‘Home Maker’ across the country, are working from home. She is managing her home & profession successfully without going for the job outside the house. Those who have children, find difficult to move out of the house, when they work independently from home it’s more pleasing, and much more suitable for maintaining the home.

‘Zeemlo’ is an opportunity to all ‘Home Makers’ just considers that being a ‘Home Maker’ is an amazing award to you as your own boss.

‘Home Maker’ role is not easy; it’s very tough & full of responsibilities. We should be thankful and respect them for their emotional love & care. We can give some time to her by helping in the house hold work whenever you have free time on weekends or celebrating their birthday and anniversary. We must be careful for their health too.

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