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Posted on Saturday, 06 May 2017

"Don't do it for money, do it because you want to help others"

To begin with…. Lets’ get familiar with Zeemlo. Zeemlo- is a homemade food service that provide “Ghar Ka Khana” or “Maa ke Hath Ka Khana” to all those people who are living away from their sweet home.

Need for Zeemlo Community

Furthermore, Zeemlo launched a “Zeemlo Community” as they are part of social service. With our volunteers and chef’s we build our team. Our chefs are the ladies who want to show their talent of cooking or were waiting for the opportunity that allow them work from home. Zeemlo gives them a platform where they also can be the part of Zeemlo Community and help people who are needy.

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Why social service is required

If we measure the ratio of poor children, we observe the majority of impoverished and orphan children are high. And you will found them most at public places like bus stop, near complex, temples or transport routes. They have no place to sleep or have no shelter to cover their heads. They born and raised in poor family with no living standard. They don’t have any knowledge about the rights and wrongs. To aware them with all good and bad, Zeemlo step into social services. There is neither greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life

For whom we work

Zeemlo helps the poverty-stricken people either the parents or their child. We believe in spreading joy with no fee in return. We too work for the orphan children or the elderly ladies living in “Vridh Ashram”.

Why Ladies are part of Zeemlo Community

Our chef team is also a part of Zeemlo Community. If we compare to women to men interestingly women invest their most time and money in social communities. As the reason of they are familiar with the gender based violence in aspect to sexual assault, domestic or rape. They understand the problem more deeply and provide the precise solution. As a mother they have a soft corner not only for their own child but for every single child. Conclusion Recently, we organized a social event, where our team motivate penurious children and inspire them by telling them a real-life stories that can change their life too. We also freely transfer the possessions like gifts, food etc. At the end we feel happy by seeing a smile on the cute little faces. Or we can say:-

“There is no bigger investment than your time and no real diamond than the smile of kids”.

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