Women as Bread Earner of the Family

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Women as Bread Earner of the Family

Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The portrayal of women in India has been an evolving miracle since time immemorial.  The women in India have changed the social role over the past as they worshiped as divine or pure creatures, to the feudal role of child bearing or rearing. In today’s developing time women has got much more significance role.

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Women are the one, always see their family first and last and fade their own dreams for them. They need to remember family is the one where she is going to spend her entire life. She need to take care of whatever is possible, they are spending more time around their children to be a good mother and rest of the time to prove her a good wife. And man at their place thinks the lady only can manage and handle their family in better way so they always stand against to their job and make them a bread maker of the family.

But the contemporary women in India have moved beyond all social boundaries to emerge as triumphant leaders of tomorrow. Now the scenario is changed and females are dogging successful ambitious in the male dominated corporates and women have stepped into the part-time jobs to showcase their hidden talent and had stepped out from being bread bakers to bread earners of the family.

A woman is the only one who is the giver at each stage of life and can fulfill all the desires or challenges she faces. Dreams of her family she make her own and fade her own desires.

Women as Housewives

In India being a housewife is difficult job as you have no real appreciation, no raise and its non-stop from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the tick you shut your eyes at night.

In our society there are many women see it as a family role and in result they get boredom, complacency or boredom. It’s time to change your life and headspace and it give the niche it deserves. Jump over the barriers and try to fulfill your dream.

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You can attend cooking course, dance classes or whatever your hobby is, if you are not allowed to go out and work, starting engaging yourself by doing home-based jobs or freelancing.  It won’t not only give you the income but also makes your mentally and physically fit.  Try to prove your husband you are more likely to him in each case.


The focus of this article is on empowerment of women. Zeemlo is the one that provides all such. We had given liability to women to show their cooking talent whether to earn for her or to support economically or financially to her family.

We especially encourage to the housewives or females who are not able to go out for job and want to earn for their children or husband. Our chefs are from different region and are expert in cooking. No doubt whether they cook regional dish or other is too delicious.

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Women Chefs associated with ZEEMLO were invited to share their success story after joining our team.  Deepika Kumari from Haryana shared how her life changes after relocating to Jaipur in 2012 after marriage. Here I face several issues and after having two children my husband were not able to run our family in earning of 12k. At the end “Maine apne husband ko financially support krna soch, lekin mujhe ghar se bahr jakr nakuri krna mna tha, Maine apni kisi friend se Zeemlo ke barein mai sunna and aj mai apnea p ko kisi expert chef se km ni manti”. Zeemlo ne muje na hi keval naam dia balki aj mai apne ghar ko chlane mai apne pati ki help kr ri hu. Zeemlo makes me feel great. I really thank to zeemlo to make me the BREAD EARNER of my family.


Women are not trying to fix themselves in successful careers but also doing same for other women. Social causes have attracted the attention of women and their voice against the violence has resulted into new laws, more protection or quicker response for attacks on women.










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