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Posted on Monday, 29 May 2017

Do you know the difference between Natural and Artificial Flavors in your food?

In older era people use to have natural flavors of spices as they make it at home without mixing any artificial item. According to them these types of flavored items are healthy for us. We can’t say natural flavors are not in use today; our elders usually go for it. In our day generation is not aware of all these they went to mart and buy artificial flavor without knowing the impact of it as they have no such time to prepare that at their own. They don’t know about the flavor or what makes it artificial or natural.
I am writing this article to aware you with the difference between both and at the end of this article you will have the better idea of both.
Due to advancement in technology food supply is control in different ways. Like if we are using cherry flavor and is most likely was cherry, those time were quickly being forgotten and the quality of food products are replaced with cheap imitations.

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Natural Flavor
Natural Flavor is an essential oil, protein hyrdrolysate, oleoresin or essence or extractive, which contain the flavoring constituents that derived from a spice, vegetable or vegetable juice, fruit or fruit juice, herb, root, leaf or bud.
Artificial Flavor
These flavors are made in laboratory by professionals known flavorist. While the chemicals used to make artificial flavor and natural are same but not their sources. Artificial flavors are made by using synthetic chemicals and natural are made using the chemicals that are sourced from environment.
What Zeemlo Chef’s Do
Zeemlo Chefs are very talented. As they are housewives and know what is effective and helpful for their family. They avoid using artificial flavors, according to them natural flavors are safer and healthier. Their opinion is artificial flavors are affordable because various synthetic compounds are present in it and are made through chemicals in lab. Nature will not take its chemicals through a vetting process designed to keep humans safe.

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