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Posted on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

We look towards the sky, yearning for a cloud to burst and drench the thirsty soil.

The Monsoon in India is a season of joy and rejuvenation is a symbol of hope, fertility and growth. And is the best time for authentic food lovers.

Food is our best friend and we don’t require any special reason to munch on those when its time of Rainy Season. Some of us don’t like these days because of water logging and interrupted transport services but it cannot intrude our food cravings.

Zeemlo sit with their chefs and had a full discussion over monsoon food- which food/snack is in high demand, what we can serve, about recipe and all. And at the end we got several items to share, though you can make your vacations or rainy days special with.

Saawan, is the purest and pleased season, according to me. It is the spectacular season where food influences in regions are stanch. And at this moment we miss the snacks prepared or cooked by our mom. However we reside away from our home and have no such way to cook the pakoda’s, samosas, bhajia’s or etc. A handy and easy approach Zeemlo comes in mind (that serves you the home made food). You can order all the varieties of seasonal snacks with Zeemlo.


imgpsh_fullsize (136)

The most desired and loved food is pakodas and bhajias and is prepared at every home. Zeemlo provide you the varieties of pakodas like besan ka pakoda, bread ka pakoda, daal ka pakoda, methi or palak ka pakoda etc. Mirchi Bhajia is in high demand in this season.


imgpsh_fullsize (139)

Most of the folk loves to eat samosa at rainy day with the combination of chutney or curie. This is one of the favorite snacks of every Indian and we can indulge ourselves happily in it.


imgpsh_fullsize (140)

Garma garm aloo ka paratha with curd or achaar gives a delicious taste at the time of monsoon. You can order it as your breakfast with Zeemlo.


imgpsh_fullsize (138)

Idli Sambhar is a famous South India dish and its taste is unbeatable. Our chefs are expert in making this and they add an incredible taste in it.


imgpsh_fullsize (137)

The hot and tasty Chole Bhature is mouth-watering dish to the rainy season.  And it will give you the stomach full of happiness.

Monsoons are a breath of fresh air but for me it signifies the fresh aromas and fried food cravings. However rain also brings health disease or infections like malaria, typhoid, cholera or food poisoning. So it is necessary to keep your eye open and take some precautions that can keep your healthy and fit.

Avoid such street or junk foods as there are very few people having the high immunity to handle the bacterial overloaded plates. At this period ghar ka khana is the best option for all. You can order all these seasonal varieties from Zeemlo- which is only a step away from you. Just download or install the app in your android phone and order the food of your choice.

Zeemlo chefs take precautions to provide you the healthy and germ free food. They use to wash the vegetables before cooking and avoid too much oil that causes acidity. Our chefs use plenty of garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper or other useful ingredients that improve your immunity.















Posted on Thursday, 01 June 2017

Amazed!! Surprised!! Stunned!!

How Ghar Ka Khana can help in building the resistance against the effects of air pollution. You are absolutely right at your place if this question rise in your mind. Zeemlo will guide you by telling how “ghar ka khana”, reduces harmful effects of air pollution.

If we talk about homemade food- it is natural and best way to eliminate the effects of pollution. As it stops us to eat unhealthy or unhygienic food, we use natural flavors by mixing them at home and organic food that we plant at our place. By following this approach we can move ahead:-

Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables.

imgpsh_fullsize (120)

Organic fruits or vegetables are grown by farmer or us that contain no artificial farming. Farmers avoid using chemicals which subsidize pollution.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

imgpsh_fullsize (123)

To stop the air pollution start gardening by your own at your backyard. As plants/ tress convert carbon die oxide into oxygen which acts like carbon sink, means less pollution.

Choose local food whenever possible.

imgpsh_fullsize (121)

Transportation of foods requires a fuel and excessive use of fuel can generate air or noise pollution. Instead of buying foods that needs travelling, choose the nearest mart.

Try to use raw materials and make things whatever is possible from them, is great way to reduce air pollution. The reason is packaging goods, shipping or mass-production can pollute the air.
Go and take a look around your house and figure out the items that you can make instead buying them.

Reduce or eliminate your consumption of animal products from factory farms

imgpsh_fullsize (122)

Factory products are one of the giant contributors to air and water pollution. To help in reducing the pollution stop buying animal products like meat, chicken or egg and go for vegan or vegetarian.


The air we breathe has grasped dangerous heights of pollution. People with no known breathing problems are landing up in hospitals. Although the government does its bit to improve the air quality, and though above points you can help your body compact with this onslaught.


Posted on Monday, 29 May 2017

Do you know the difference between Natural and Artificial Flavors in your food?

In older era people use to have natural flavors of spices as they make it at home without mixing any artificial item. According to them these types of flavored items are healthy for us. We can’t say natural flavors are not in use today; our elders usually go for it. In our day generation is not aware of all these they went to mart and buy artificial flavor without knowing the impact of it as they have no such time to prepare that at their own. They don’t know about the flavor or what makes it artificial or natural.
I am writing this article to aware you with the difference between both and at the end of this article you will have the better idea of both.
Due to advancement in technology food supply is control in different ways. Like if we are using cherry flavor and is most likely was cherry, those time were quickly being forgotten and the quality of food products are replaced with cheap imitations.

imgpsh_fullsize (116)
Natural Flavor
Natural Flavor is an essential oil, protein hyrdrolysate, oleoresin or essence or extractive, which contain the flavoring constituents that derived from a spice, vegetable or vegetable juice, fruit or fruit juice, herb, root, leaf or bud.
Artificial Flavor
These flavors are made in laboratory by professionals known flavorist. While the chemicals used to make artificial flavor and natural are same but not their sources. Artificial flavors are made by using synthetic chemicals and natural are made using the chemicals that are sourced from environment.
What Zeemlo Chef’s Do
Zeemlo Chefs are very talented. As they are housewives and know what is effective and helpful for their family. They avoid using artificial flavors, according to them natural flavors are safer and healthier. Their opinion is artificial flavors are affordable because various synthetic compounds are present in it and are made through chemicals in lab. Nature will not take its chemicals through a vetting process designed to keep humans safe.


Posted on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Women- the delicate, fragile and soft lady seems come from different planet. Life of them is totally different from men their works are restricted like raising and caring their kids, family or cleaning and cooking.

Here I am going to share a real story of women that what are their daily routines as a housewife.

Sneha 32 year old, young, beautiful lady from Jaipur shares her routine work with us. She says It’s no wonder kitchen is my most favorite room in my home as I spend a lot time there.

From morning till evening, from evening to late night, from night to morning  ……..

In fact it seems, there is nothing else in life except in the kitchen and food. Every woman’s have the same dilemma, when and what to make. Sometimes it seems to be cooked me when I feel exasperated. It does not want to talk like this but it looks like this.

imgpsh_fullsize (99)In short it does not mean that I do not like to cook. I like to cook, and my family and friends say that I cook very tasty and delicious food. But the things look good if they are controlled. If you have to stay in the kitchen for 8 hours in 24 hours, how will it feel?

In my family no one likes to eat Gobi and it’s like allergic to bitter melon. So what’s left? Potato and Bhindi!! Papa is a diabetic patient, so the potatoes are avoided.

Husband likes chickpeas cheese, Papa hates it a lot. Papa likes mangodi papad, husband has not tasted yet.

Now our beloved mother is going to treat the teeth. Rice kichi upma, do not love them and rest is oatmeal and Kadhi and potatoes with it.

Now the story from night to morning…… Sometimes I remind at 12 o’clock to soak the chickpeas and at 1 AM dahi zamana. It takes 2 o’clock in the kitchen so the motor of the kitchen is on or off. Taking the bottle out from the freezer at 3 o’clock and if it is 4 o’clock, keep it inside the curd neither it will be sour.

What to do? I still not get any answer. My baby needs milk at 7 A.M. Mummy-Papa wants to have tea at 8 in morning and my dearest hubby take coffee at 9 o’clock. Its not over yet…. Breakfast timings also vary children at 10, husband at 11 and mummy and papa needs at 12.

Again Sasu mom lunches at 2 o’clock. Children at 3 o’clock and I thankful to god that at the time of breakfast lunch of my father-in-law and husband is packed. Same thing happened with dinner.



It’s not a satire, is a real story of my daily routine from morning to night. Very first I feel depresses and cry at alone, whole day I feel irritable with all. But someone explained me with very nice lines




What we cannot change, accept it and enjoy!!!



The Benefits of Having Iodized Table Salt

Posted on Monday, 22 May 2017

The iodized table salt is a salt which is blended with some measure of iodine. Iodine can likewise be regularly found in a few plants and organic products. This salt assumes an essential part in keeping the issue of iodine lack in the body. In numerous nations, iodine inadequacy has turned into a noteworthy medical issue. It is a kind of mineral that present in a few nourishment. The iodine supported table salt gives a lot of iodine, which can keep us safe from cretinism, stillbirth, and unnatural birth cycle. In a survey of 2014, it was inferred that around 90 million individuals are experiencing iodine insufficiency. This figure can be decrease by demolishing the iodized salt all the time.

Advantages of Iodized Salt are as follows:-

Combats Cancer:

imgpsh_fullsize (97)


 Iodine lack can cause cancer disease such as breast cancer, lung, prostate, heart cancer etc. A person should have few amount of iodized salt to take prevention.



Heart Health: –

Deficiency of iodine can reduces the proper blood pressure or heart rate circulation.  To take over this a person requires a iodized salt. A half tablespoon (200gm iodine) is enough in a day.

Removes Toxins from the Body: –

imgpsh_fullsize (98)


It helps in improving the dangerous toxins like mercury or lead from body as they are harmful.



Weight Reduce:-

For human iodine is important mineral. Consumption of it can boost the metabolism of body and reduces the weight.

Prevents from Depression: –

imgpsh_fullsize (96)


Depression, Frustration or angst is due to lack of iodine so iodized salt is an option that fights with all.




Suggestions for the Suppliers of Iodized Salt

Being an item which is frequently utilized by individuals from everywhere throughout the world, it is exceptionally requested consistently. The providers of iodized salt must guarantee that they are acquiring the item from the believable producers, who are very much outfitted with the refreshed machines and systems. They should guarantee that the item has been creating utilizing businesses acknowledged standards and approaches. The packaging of condiment should be inspected to maintain a strategic distance from the odds of leakage or spoilage amid the travel.

In this way, it can be reasoned that a plenty of medical problems can be avoided with a general utilization of the iodized table salt.


Posted on Friday, 19 May 2017

We discuss with our chef’s what special recipe we can give for summer especially for children. And this –Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad was the suggested by them. Not only children but also it is healthy for young and elderly people. I will recommend you enjoy your summer vacation with this amazing recipe share by our Zeemlo Chef’s.

To make Honey Rainbow Fruit Salad you need to follow few steps:-


  • 1 lb fresh strawberries, diced
  • 4 kiwis, peeled and diced
  • 1 lb fresh pineapple, diced
  • Honey Lime Dressing
  • 12 oz red grapes, diced into halves
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 Tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 12 oz fresh blueberries
  • 1 (15 oz) can mandarin oranges in juice, well drained with 2 halves
  • 2 ripe bananas, diced*
  • 2 tsp lime zest


You can add any fruit according to your taste.


Add all fruit to a large container or bowl. In a small mixing bowl, whip together with honey, lime zest and lime juice. Pour over fruit just before serving and toss to evenly coat- keep it for few minutes until it socks the juice and toss it before plating/serve.


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