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Posted on Monday, 08 May 2017

Burn, baby, burn- calories that is!!!

Everyone burn fuel doing everyday activities either lifting your grocery bags or walking upstairs. The best part is research suggest these activities are beneficial for our health such as :-

• Weight management
• Blood Circulation
• Fitness

Cooking not only keep you fit and healthy but make your mind fresh and active. According to study the old ladies where much stronger than the females of this epoch. As they work hard in kitchen without taking help of any automatic machines like grinder, microwave or mixer. And now everything is available and we use all these for our ease but this have both pros and cons like it saves our lot of time but making us lazy and unhealthy.


“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”


Working in Kitchen from chopping the veggies to washing the plates or pans- burns around 75 calories in 30 minutes. To give your arms muscles extra cares try to avoid electric mixer and stir batters by your hands.

Follow the below points to make cooking an easy task and turn it into your everyday workout.

Cut Smart


Try to use Cleaver instead of Knifes. It is heavier than normal knife and give your wrists, hands or forearms a better exercise.

Cook in Cast Iron

Switch to Cast Iron Skillet as they are heavier to lift and make your hand muscles stronger.

Knead Dough
Instead of using Atta Maker try to dough it with your hands. It is best exercise for your joints of your palm or hands.

I recommend you to sit on your food and try to dough flour helps your knee joints and loose the fat of your belly.

Toss your Food

Learn the master chef trick which not only look impressive but is avail for your health too. To mix the ingredients pick up the sauce pan by holding the handle and toss the materials in air. It takes strength to mix it in air.

Buy Family-Size Drinks

c9Buy milk or other drinks in large amount, turns pouring into an exercise.

Handmade Sauce (Chatni)

In my previous article I explain the recipe and taste of handmade sauce. Now also max of the ladies uses to make green chatni- pudina chatni, tomato sauce at their home. According to them this not only useful for our health but also for our body.

To make chatni use सील बट्टा (Sil Batta) instead of Electronic Grinder.

Spice Tamp (Masala Kutna)

Instead of using blender or mixer for blending spices try to use इमाम दस्ता (Imam Shaft)

It adds natural mineral in ingredients which is helpful for our health. And using this consumes our time but make our hands stronger.

Flour Mill Machine
Use this instead of taking readmade packets of flour. अट्टा चकी  helps your arms and doctor too recommend patient whose body is not in movement. Try this you will start observing changes.



Furthermore, these all stuffs are not in used but I personally advise you to turn them into your daily life to keep yourself fit. Our grandmother or elderly people use “Madhani”. 


and iron pan for cooking vegetables. They use to make papad, khakre, chips at their home as they believes doing this all process keeps us mentally and physically fit.

Cooking is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy, an everyday activity can be a great way to get moving.

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