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Posted on Saturday, 15 April 2017

Food Adulteration is the demonstration of deliberately blending a sustenance thing with a sub-par or destructive substance and subtracting a nutritious part, subsequently making it unfit for utilization. It incorporates the expansion of a substance, as well as the concoction pollution amid the development time frame, stockpiling and appropriation of the item. Do you think the chances of stomach happens because of street food- then you are wrong because the food adulteration can be happen with fancy or home food. You need to clean them before eating or cooking.

The reason behind the food adulteration
• Food adulteration has a self-centered cause behind its back- specially the monetary benefit. Normally a sustenance thing is debased to include volume, surface, dependability or taste. The subtraction of an important segment with a heavier substance is done to build the weight, decrease its quality, make it seem greater and offer it for a more noteworthy esteem.
• Poor maintenance and improper hygiene foods leads to contamination of food.
• To prolong the life of food harmful chemicals are added.
• FA also can happen because of carelessness and lack facilities to preserve the food quality.

The Most Common Food Adulterants
Probably what we eat is adulterated and here is the list of adulterated foods by FSSAI.

In our country milk is one of the most adulterated foods. Due to absence of sanitation or hygiene detergents make their place in it. To preserve milk for a longer run many of the contaminants are added into. These kinds of detergents can cause the food poisoning or other gastrointestinal issues.

Food Grains
Food Grains (Rice or Pulse) are the staple food in our country. And these are also counted in adulterated ones as rice is mixed with small stones, mud or stems that increase the weight. These can affect our gums and stomach internally.

Vegetables and Fruits
Foods and vegetables are coated with chemicals and carbohydrates and they give them an extended life. The chemical found is cancerous and fruits like banana, papaya, mangoes are exposed to carbide that produces ethylene gas or heat.

Similarly, veggies are coated with wax to give them shine and for redness carrots are dipped into red water.

To enhance the color or weight of spices chemicals or artificial condiments are added. Like in turmeric powder lead chromate is the commonly used adulterant. Red Chili contains red colored brick powder.

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