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Posted on Thursday, 06 April 2017


Indian food is currently one of the famous rapports among the food mistresses throughout the world. It bears Indian social and verifiable legacy, religious convictions, aroma of various cooking fixings.

In India, each region has its own particular cooking styles that are distinctive in taste, fragrance and in addition fixings. In this way, Zeemlo gives a potential chance to food lovers to test various food things.

Effectively Indian cooking styles increased much prevalence in the West for its mouthwatering taste. We know steamy region is rich in sage and flavor assorted qualities which have awesome nourishment and therapeutic qualities. These herbs give taste and uniqueness to Asian foods.

Utmost of the Indian dishes are conquered by vegetables, whole grain, lentils as well as pulse.

Our health status depends on cooking methods, that how we cook food. Deep fried curry offers more calories or vigor as compare to baked or stir one. Punjabi food also includes frying garlic, onions or other spices with butter or oil. So we can say that these foods have rich calories.

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Avoid Reheating or over-cooking the food as they are responsible for the nutrition loss because minerals are seep out during the process.

If we talk about Indian desserts they are rich in protein and iron because they contain grains, fruit or yogurt. In Zeemlo plate you will get dessert along with food.

You can say “Good-Bye to cancer”, if you intake spices in Indian diets. According to  research capsaicin available in spice is crucial element  that fight against different type of cancers. Similarly turmeric is effective for skin or arthritis and garlic prevent heart disease. Ginger is beneficial for low blood sugar.

Food with much fat can cause illness in stomach and you will get these types of foods in Restaurant or Hotels. The best option is eat healthy and delicious homemade food from Zeemlo- Home Cooked Meals from Homemakers.

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