Woman’s Journey; As a Home Maker A Happy Home Maker Makes A Happy Home!!!

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Woman’s Journey; As a Home Maker A Happy Home Maker Makes A Happy Home!!!

Posted on Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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‘Homemaker’ and ‘Housewife’ both words refer to the same character, but if we spell out the usage of these words, there is a lot of diversity. Firstly, there’s the difference between house and home. People change houses, but your home is your home. A ‘Homemaker’ or ‘Housewife’ is the one who creates a home. A house is just a structure of bricks, stones and concrete. It includes social, cultural and emotional aspects. A woman, who converts house into a home, is a ‘Homemaker’ and not only a ‘Housewife’.

Since ancient times, thinking of the society is that men as the main “bread earners” in families. This means they worked for earning money to pay for food, while the women have to do house work i.e. up bring the children, prepared food, cleaned the home and take care of the daily chores etc. It was seen as the job of a woman to be a “housewife”.

In present scenario, there are still many customs about the jobs that women’s should do. Even at this time, when women have good educations. They are able to earn money like the men usually do. Nowadays, in many families where both husband and wife work, both partners contribute in the housework and also in caring for the children.

In some families, there is still a traditional inspiration that housework is the job of the wife or she must stay at home in some situations and play an important role in the family. She handles all the household work which includes cooking, cleaning, organizing the home, shopping grocery, clothes and other family needs, caring for children’s health, education, home works, playing with children, caring for elders, entertaining guests, planning for guests and holidays/celebrations, preparing a budget, discovering ways to use the household’s financial planning, making bill payments, caring pets & gardening etc. Every day her work starts by morning and continues till late night. She works for 365 days selflessly without any salary or break or credit.

The husband could be the prime earner and contributor, but the woman who stays home is the main contributor of the emotional care and happy environment of the home. She’s the one to encourage in her children the values and base that creates a healthy, balance minded child for future. There is much more to be understood for homemaker who is able make her dreams come true with support of the family, raising kids, clean, cook and still put on a cheerful face and love what she are doing all by the side of the routine.

At present, ‘House Wife’ has a specific status ‘Home Maker’ because of her devotion and noble works for home. Many ‘Home Maker’ across the country, are working from home. She is managing her home & profession successfully without going for the job outside the house. Those who have children, find difficult to move out of the house, when they work independently from home it’s more pleasing, and much more suitable for maintaining the home.

‘Zeemlo’ is an opportunity to all ‘Home Makers’ just considers that being a ‘Home Maker’ is an amazing award to you as your own boss.

‘Home Maker’ role is not easy; it’s very tough & full of responsibilities. We should be thankful and respect them for their emotional love & care. We can give some time to her by helping in the house hold work whenever you have free time on weekends or celebrating their birthday and anniversary. We must be careful for their health too.

Top 3 Reasons to Opt for Zeemlo over Other Commercial Meal Providers

Posted on Monday, 13 February 2017
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With the fast pace world, especially for bachelors and single working men and women, getting access to homemade food working at place away from home is almost an impossible task. No matter whatever food or dishes is offered by various commercial meal providers such as restaurants and tiffin centres, getting the taste of delicious homemade food can’t be fulfilled. This is one of the concerning issue among such people to get hold of best homemade food full of nutrients and love of the home.

Most of such people are dependent on these providers but it is a bargain they have to make to get a little taste of home prepared food. They not only lack essential nutrients but are prepared in an unhygienic condition which can be a huge turnoff. But due to non-availability of commercially sold homemade food, these people have to make do with whatever that is offered by these commercial meal providers.

Food from these providers can’t satiate the requirement of the people and often leave them unsatisfied. Here in this article, we have pointed out the few of the important reasons why people shouldn’t consume food from these meal providers.

1. Nutritional Deficiency

Most of the food prepared by commercial meal providers such as tiffin centre, are prepared for large quantity giving little importance to nutritional requirement of the customers. Since the quantity is large, commercial meal providers often compromise on the cooking method that are essential for preserving the natural nutrients of the food prepared.
They often lack in important vitamins and minerals that are prime requirement for healthy life of the consumers. Since the food is prepared for maximum gain at minimum cost, the nutritional aspect of the food is grossly ignored.

They often lack in important vitamins and minerals that are prime requirement for healthy life of the consumers. Since the food is prepared for maximum gain at minimum cost, the nutritional aspect of the food is grossly ignored.
Whereas, the food prepared at home by housewives is full of nutrients as these housewives make sure that their family members get the required nutrients for good health. So, if the people can get access to homemade food from housewives rather than comprising their health and going for tiffin centre food, they will happily choose the former.

Whereas, the food prepared at home by housewives is full of nutrients as these housewives make sure that their family members get the required nutrients for good health. So, if the people can get access to homemade food from housewives rather than comprising their health and going for tiffin centre food, they will happily choose the former.

2. Hygienic Negligence

Since the food is commercially prepared, the importance of hygiene is highly ignored. The utensils in which the food is prepared aren’t properly cleaned and made free from harmful bacteria which develops due to utensils’ unhygienic conditions. Also, the cook of food doesn’t maintain necessary hygiene as they are concerned more on preparing food and less cautious about hygiene.
The major reason is that they don’t prepare their food for their family members but for a list of customers. The homemade food prepared by women at home keeps special care on the hygiene of the food prepared as they are quite responsible regarding the health of the consumer of their food, their family member.

The major reason is that they don’t prepare their food for their family members but for a list of customers. The homemade food prepared by women at home keeps special care on the hygiene of the food prepared as they are quite responsible regarding the health of the consumer of their food, their family member.

3. Lower Value for Money

The commercial meal providers are highly focused on preparing a large quantity of food and charge considerable amount even for sub-par food. However, their customers end up paying a high price, they don’t get the desired value of their money as they have to make do with whatever that is offered by these providers. The customers end up paying more for the food that is essentially lacking balanced dietary requirement and nutrients.
For the same amount of money, if given choice, they will happily purchase food from housewives who prepare food for their family. This lack of value for money is more of morally bankruptcy at the hands of commercial meal providers. They are focused on earning profit at minimum cost.


So, to meet these challenges and providing homemade food, companies like Zeemlo have come up with a solution. Zeemlo provides a perfect platform for homemade food prepared by housewives to be sold to customers. They give an easy to use solution for customers to choose best homemade food prepared by these women at best value for money. The “ghar ka khana” from these housewives are not only full of necessary nutrients and other dietary fibres, the food is prepared with hygiene as it is prepared by these women for their own family.
This, path breaking solution for delivering homemade food for the customers who crave for homemade food has become a new trend in Indian domesticated food market prepared commercially.

So, in case you are going for other commercial meal providers’ food to arrange your daily meal, they keep these points in mind before deciding. These factors are quite important enough to be kept in mind before deciding on eating tiffin centre food. These important factors are reason enough to not eat commercial meal providers’ food due to the explanation provided above. It is quite better if they choose other alternatives like Zeemlo that they meet their dietary requirements by buying food from housewives through this platform.

So, what are your views about commercial providers’ food and what would you choose if you have to select between food from tiffin centre and food prepared by housewives. Do let us know about your views and suggestions on this topic and mention them in the comment section below.

Top 5 Reasons to Order Homemade Food Online

Posted on Friday, 03 February 2017
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Who doesn’t want to eat healthy and delicious homemade food given the option it is easily available? We all wish to eat tasty food that relieves us not only from hunger, but also from the craving of eating delicious meals. With so many options present in the market, it often becomes tough for us to choose the right type of food which is tasty as well as healthy.

There are numerous options to order food online but commercially prepared food comes with their own pros and cons. So, it is better to go for homemade food which you can buy online. Mentioned below are the top 5 benefits of ordering homemade food online:

  1. Money Saver

When it comes to homemade food, it is one of the cheapest option. Instead of going for processed food from the market or eating in a restaurant, you can get healthy nutritious diet at relatively lower cost. So, if you have to eat homemade food, you can also buy it on web by using various portals such as zeemlo.com. It is one of the destinations where you can order homemade food prepared by the housewives and enjoy the delicacy. There are quite a lot of reasons to order homemade food over fast food.

This method saves you a lot of money. You can always plan for several days ahead. Even though, you can order groceries at home if you want to cook all by yourself, but if you wish to enjoy only the food and don’t want to get in trouble of preparing it, you can always try out options like Zeemlo. So, are your taste buds leading you to enjoy delicious food without being a burden on your wallet, then do try out this option.

However, time remains to be an essential part of such services and we consider it to be huge factor as warm food means a lot to most of the people.

  1. Saving Precious Time

You may be tempted to buy something from the supermarket or drive down to a restaurant but it will consume a lot of time of yours. No matter how easy this option seems, it is always time-consuming when it comes to eat a well-balanced food.

So, in such case, you can order homemade food via the internet which is not only nutritious but also saves you a lot of time. Such orders hardly take less than 30 minutes and you get the fix for your hunger. But next question that pops up in our mind is the nutritious value of the food and the issue of value for money.

  1. Maintaining Health and Nutrition

Most of the food available in market and restaurant are often rich in fats, sugar, and salt which are often not good for your health. In case you wish to maintain good health, you should always eat balanced diet especially if it is home cooked. Most of these foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and lower and healthy fats since the homemade food is prepared for family members and no one will try to offer unbalanced food to the family.

All you have to do is visit the right option of ordering homemade food via a portal like Zeemlo and eat a healthy diet whenever they wish. Another key aspect of homemade food is the safety factor associated with it which is discussed in the next point.

  1. Safety is the best precaution

Most of the foodborne diseases are often linked to food offered in supermarkets and restaurants. The hygienic level of the food is not properly maintained no matter how strict the rules are. Eating homemade food gives you the relief to eat safe food with rich nutrients and lower risk of food poisoning. Such options make sure that you don’t compromise on the nutritious value of the food along with safety of the food.

  1. Encouraging social entrepreneurship

Most of the people who order commercially prepared food, often miss out on the secret ingredient of love that is rich in homemade food. Even if you wish to order food online, it is always beneficial to order homemade food as it is prepared with the careful hands of housewives. It also promotes social entrepreneurship which is beneficial for the society too. It provides a much-needed platform for housewives to sell their delicious dishes to the customers who are looking for nutrition-rich warm food without taking any sort of risk.

At Zeemlo, the services provided by it enables the Indian housewives to earn a decent amount of money by selling their home cooked online. With this platform, the empowerment of Indian housewives comes into fruition and becomes a pleasant reality. This platform also provides the customers to taste and enjoy “ghar ka bana khana” or homemade food rather than compromising their health with unhygienic and imbalanced food from restaurants and tiffin centers. They can savor delicious and nutritious food which is very much required for keeping a balanced nutritional intake and maintaining a healthy body.

In the “Today’s Menu”, you can browse through various sort of homemade dishes and select the one which appeals you the most. You get the option to select from various delicious items and order as per your taste and health requirement.

Do you find these reasons enough to convince you to buy homemade food online? Kindly let us know about your suggestions, reviews and your own tips in the comment section below.

Economic Rise of Indian Housewives – A Narrative

Posted on Thursday, 02 February 2017
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On the cusp of the 21st century, Indian has witnessed a tremendous growth in all spheres. With rapid growth and development over the past years, India is poised to become one of the most attractive destinations for business as well as increased social-economic growth. However, gender equity isn’t one of them. It is quite a deplorable situation that the important role played by the Indian women in its growth is grossly underestimated. India has yet to incorporate the prime role played by women in the fast paced socio –economic development of the nation. Governments at both state and central level need to accept the fact that no nation can go through progress and development unless its women are given an equal access to opportunities along with necessary safety and security.

As per National Sample Survey Office, the NSSO, it was said that back in 1999-2000, 35 % of the rural women and 17 % of the women who are above 15 years old are working as regular and casual wage workers, as self-employed and unpaid helpers of the gamily. By the year 2011-12, after a good run of economic growth, this has reduced to 25% in rural areas and its remains to be quite a concerning situation in urban areas.

The deplorable situation of Indian women especially the Indian housewives states the fact that India is missing out big opportunities of growth due to non-availability of options of economic growth of the women. Most of the Indian housewives are indulged in the day to day tasks of the family which leaves them little to no time for working for their economic rise.

A recent IMF study has pointed out the fact that India’s GDP can expand over by 27% if the number of women workers increases at the equal level as that of Indian women. This signifies the possible growth of India’s GDP is women are inculcated in the growth and development of the nation by providing them equal growth opportunities. It is quite pertinent that Indian women, especially the housewives, require new avenues of development, especially in the economic sense for the country to go through tremendous growth.

The economic rise of the Indian housewives has become more important than ever. They require new economic opportunities to develop their status quo in the society, and they need it now. At current, Indian housewives have limited opportunities of economic upheaval. Due to lack of support, Indian housewives are not able to play their role in the development of the country. Small and medium scale enterprises can provide the much-needed opportunities to Indian housewives to earn a decent living and participate in the economic rise of Indian society.

One such idea of empowering of Indian housewives is Zeemlo. It is a platform where Indian housewives can sell their home-cooked food to the customers and earn a decent sum of money. Zeemlo act as a stepping stone for Indian housewives to get financially independent especially those women who are not involved in any money making enterprises.

Zeemlo also plays an important role in increasing the role of housewives in the socio-economic growth of India as it is the perfect place for housewives to sell their cooking skills for their own economic rise.

So, in the end, we like to stress on the fact that it is platforms like Zeemlo which need to be supported at all sphere for the socio-economic rise of Indian housewives which in turn will help in growth and development of the Indian society.

Indian Housewives – The Axis of Indian Society

Posted on Monday, 16 January 2017
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India is one of the collectivist societies like various other Asian countries, a country with culture based on the goods and the requirements of the community which often takes preference over any individual. It’s a society where women occupy the position of taking care and nurturing of the entire family along with challenging its role in the society. From a skewed frame of reference, her status is considered to be secondary by a certain section of the society. However, it is the Indian housewives that take the privilege to establish the entirety of the household and the living of its members.

Soul of the Household

Being a housewife is considered to be a thankless job which no sort of real appreciation or any benefits without any raise. It is the job which requires non-stop work handling from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning to the moment when her eyes shut with tiredness in the night. Whether it is home cooked food or “ghar ka khana” or washed clothes, the Indian housewives make sure that the necessary requirements of the house members are properly taken care of.

It is this section of Indian society which bonds together the existence of the home with all of its members. It is her sacrifice and dedication which keeps the entire house as a developing home.  Most of the housewives consider their role as a family obligation rather than a job. This often raises the issue of the role of Indian housewives in the society. It is these housewives which keep the marriage and the structure of the society, dynamic as well as deeply rooted.  She makes sure that the proper attention is paid to the needs and requirements of the family members along with the expectations of the society.

The Axis of Stability

Talking of Indian society’s roots, it is deeply based on the decisions of the housewives that shape the behaviour and the reaction of the society. This large base of Indian housewives comes with untapped potential this country has which is not yet utilized due to lack of education, ignorance and the concept of patriarchy. The Indian housewives make sure that all the components of the home and the society duly executes their task to build a better society. It is their role that defines the rules and regulations of the family and their contribution to the Indian society. They take care of household chores along with societal obligations in order to maintain the peace and the stability of the society.

The Rising Future of New Tomorrow

Unless her potential is realized, the growth rate of India may not exceed the expectations.  “Naari Utthan” or Women Empowerment, the need of this change in the society is very much needed. It is the role of Indian housewife that will propel India into a well emerging market and will position it to the fourth largest economy that needs to be realized.  It is their growth which will be the basis of on-going development of the nation.  It is her due regard and respect that will build the character of the citizens of this nation as it has always been. It is her development that will go a long way in creating a solid foundation and the building blocks of the nation. Her role and impact on the society will mold the direction of the development. Economic rise of Indian housewives will pave the way for economic resurgenceressurgence of India.

With this, we would end at the notion that it is the Indian housewives that are the real axis of Indian society and the country. Her contribution to both the society and the nation can’t be measured in simple terms. We have laid out the various aspects of how Indian housewives gel together the existence of our society.

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