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Posted on Friday, 28 April 2017

Akshay Tritiya also known as “Akha Teej”- a holy day for Jains and Hindus. This is the birthday of Lord Parasurama- the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The word Akshay means “Eternal” that never diminishes and Tritiya describes the “Third Day”. The day brings good luck and success.

We can donate various things on this day and below I have mentioned the items along with significance:-
• Water- For immense wealth donate water with betel nuts to Brahmin.
• Chandan- Donating it avoids the accident.
• Clothes- It ensures the long life.
• Kum Kum- For husband long life it is said to donate kumkum on the day.
• Buttermilk- Donating buttermilk helps to achieve success in education.

Buying Gold
People do lot many things on this day they invest their time to buy gold, land or in some charities. As buying the gold adds the asset value which ensures the eternal wealth. And the people who do charity of expensive things are appreciated by folks but everyone forgot to escalate the women who always invest their time to make her family by performing different roles of a mother, a sister, a wife or daughter.

Zeemlo understand all and supports “Empowering Her”. Zeemlo appreciates the women because they spend their time, money for betterment of their family without any selfishness.

Apart from gold or land women invest so many things for their family in aspect to time. Here are few examples:-
• She devotes time to teach their kids.
• Take entire responsibility of her family.
• Give time to her husband or kids.
• Invest their precious time to make a healthy food

There is lot of significance behind this day rather than just discounts or deals.
It is an old saying time is best investment as it never returns back, once run. On this auspicious day if we appreciate the women or their responsibility then the day will be more holy. And I think there is no bigger investment than your time, so invest it on doing something meaningful and understand the importance of every women

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