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About Zeemlo

about us

ZEEMLO is a food application . The word ZEEMLO comes from “JEEMAN” .
It is a Rajasthani word which means in Rajasthan we invite people to eat food at our home.

It’s an app through which we are inviting people online to order the food and enjoy the taste of “Ghar ka bana khana” or we can say “Maa ke hath ka bana khana”.
Eating is necessary but cooking is an art.
Everyone wants to eat Tasty, Healthy, Pure and Hygienic Food which has every quality of good food .
Restaurants and tiffin centres may provide food but we are not sure about the taste and hygiene some where, we get tasty food but hygiene is missing vice-versa.
All these qualities of food we get at one place ie “HOME” .

ZEEMLO comes with the idea to provide you home made Fresh, Pure, Tasty, Healthy and Hygienic Food from a Mother’s Kitchen.
In today’s life, We are very conscious about career. Everyday many people visit, travel and most of them live in other cities far away from their families. They are facing the same problem of homemade food. Mothers always worried about the food.

When the students or anyone goes out from their family due to study or for a job. The main issue is food, They does not get good food. They eat at hotels, or eat junk food and after a span of time they get ill, many diseases like food poison stomachache etc.
Now , ZEEMLO presents homemade food from the kitchen of a mother to reduce the worries of a mother who is away from their loved once.
By ZEEMLO , we are providing ghar ka khana which have every quality of good food . It is Healthy, Tasty, Pure and Hygienic.
Everyday we provide variety of food, which we are sure to you will love it.
(a) ZEEMLO comes with idea to provide you all qualities of homemade food .
(b) Every housewife has a different taste in their hands and you are getting a chance to enjoy all the different recipes everyday.
(c) It is a app by which we are inviting the people online to order the food and enjoy the taste of “GHAR KA BANA KHANA”.
(d) ZEEMLO encourages, motivates and helps women towards self-reliance.
(e) “EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN” = Empowerment of Society.

3 things make our Zeemlo truly stand out as the best one

Homemade Food

We are delivering directly from the housewives kitchen to your door step. Which have every quality of good food. I.e. Fresh, Pure, tasty, Healthy and Hygienic.

Variety Indian Food

Healthy food “Ghar ka bena khana – ZEEMLO” can reduce your risk of obesity and illnesses. Eating a varied, well-balanced diet means eating a variety of foods.

Quick response

ZEEMLO team responds as sooner as we get your orders, and we promise to ensure your food will be good quality, hygienic and made by home chef.


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Working HoursMonday – Sunday —————- 09:00 am – 09:00 pm

Presently Serving at Vaishali NagarJAIPUR

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