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Posted on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Women- the delicate, fragile and soft lady seems come from different planet. Life of them is totally different from men their works are restricted like raising and caring their kids, family or cleaning and cooking.

Here I am going to share a real story of women that what are their daily routines as a housewife.

Sneha 32 year old, young, beautiful lady from Jaipur shares her routine work with us. She says It’s no wonder kitchen is my most favorite room in my home as I spend a lot time there.

From morning till evening, from evening to late night, from night to morning  ……..

In fact it seems, there is nothing else in life except in the kitchen and food. Every woman’s have the same dilemma, when and what to make. Sometimes it seems to be cooked me when I feel exasperated. It does not want to talk like this but it looks like this.

imgpsh_fullsize (99)In short it does not mean that I do not like to cook. I like to cook, and my family and friends say that I cook very tasty and delicious food. But the things look good if they are controlled. If you have to stay in the kitchen for 8 hours in 24 hours, how will it feel?

In my family no one likes to eat Gobi and it’s like allergic to bitter melon. So what’s left? Potato and Bhindi!! Papa is a diabetic patient, so the potatoes are avoided.

Husband likes chickpeas cheese, Papa hates it a lot. Papa likes mangodi papad, husband has not tasted yet.

Now our beloved mother is going to treat the teeth. Rice kichi upma, do not love them and rest is oatmeal and Kadhi and potatoes with it.

Now the story from night to morning…… Sometimes I remind at 12 o’clock to soak the chickpeas and at 1 AM dahi zamana. It takes 2 o’clock in the kitchen so the motor of the kitchen is on or off. Taking the bottle out from the freezer at 3 o’clock and if it is 4 o’clock, keep it inside the curd neither it will be sour.

What to do? I still not get any answer. My baby needs milk at 7 A.M. Mummy-Papa wants to have tea at 8 in morning and my dearest hubby take coffee at 9 o’clock. Its not over yet…. Breakfast timings also vary children at 10, husband at 11 and mummy and papa needs at 12.

Again Sasu mom lunches at 2 o’clock. Children at 3 o’clock and I thankful to god that at the time of breakfast lunch of my father-in-law and husband is packed. Same thing happened with dinner.



It’s not a satire, is a real story of my daily routine from morning to night. Very first I feel depresses and cry at alone, whole day I feel irritable with all. But someone explained me with very nice lines




What we cannot change, accept it and enjoy!!!



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