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Posted on Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Arvind was living in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur and a day he was packing his luggage. He has done with all of his pending assignments and getting ready for long holidays. The thing is it was his first year away from home and he was feeling homesick. He was missing his family, his friends and looking a reason to meet them.

He celebrates every festival without them and now its time to go. And his leave too sanctioned in advance, he booked tickets, did shopping for his parents. In short the next week he will be with his family. His mom was preparing his favorite dishes for him. imgpsh_fullsize (52) A day he got mail from his manager that due to urgent work you need to be with us till the project finishes. He requests a mail but no fruitful result. Arvind was totally disappointed and he cancelled his tickets. All plans were ruined- movie tickets, shopping etc. He called up his mom to inform the changes. As Arvind was upset he disconnects the phone and shortens the conversation with his mom. On call her mom told about his favorite dish “Idli Sambar”. Somehow he was not able to keep his favorite food out of his mind. He searched on internet for it and he found “Zeemlo” along with various other links. He found something different with “Zeemlo- Ghar Ka Khana”. He saw actual images of food which sounds tasty and healthy as it was homemade food. Arvind took their number and call them, where the Zeemlo Team explains him the depth of them.

Concept behind Zeemlo

Zeemlo delivers a home cooked meal by the ladies who want to earn. We support “Women Empowerment” and give chance to all housewives to come in front with their talent. We understand the situation when folks come out of their home for job or making their carrier and looks for “Ghar Ka Khana”. Keeping these all in mind we step in. imgpsh_fullsize (81) How to Connect

• Download Zeemlo App in your android phone.

• Register yourself.

• Pick your favorite food.

• Order it

• You will get a confirmation call/message

• Our delivery boy will deliver your food to your destination

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